Harbour Village Marina FAQ

  • How many boat slips are in the marina?

A:    142 privately owned slips; 6 guest (‘x’) slips

  • What are the different sizes of the boat slips in the marina?

A:    Four slip sizes are available: 32’ x15’; 42’ x 16’; 50’ x 19’; 58’ x 23’

  • Who makes the policies and decisions concerning the rules and regulations of the marina?

A:    Harbour Village Marina Association, Inc., led by a volunteer board made up of Harbour Village slip owners.

  • Who are our harbourmasters?

A:    Harbourmaster: Jerry Edwards; Assistant Harbourmaster: John Sadler

  • What does a harbourmaster do?

A:    The harbourmasters are responsible for the daily administration of marina operations, including but not limited to the ongoing supervision and maintenance of docks, electric meter reading, assisting owner with docking, and registration of new marina members and guests.

  • Are there any guest slips in the marina? If so, how many?

A:    There are six (6) dedicated 32’ guest (‘x’) slips, two of which are located at the ‘T-head’ of our center dock can be used to accommodate larger vessels (up to 50’).

  • Do we accept guests in our marina?

A:    Yes. Temporary guests of Harbour Village Marina members (slip owners and lessees) are welcome. Please see the harbourmaster for a copy of the regulations governing marina guest policies.

  • I am interested in purchasing or leasing a boat slip in our marina, is there a list of available slips?

A:    There is no ‘master list’ of available slips, however, a notebook is available in the harbourmaster’s office where slip listings for sale and lease are frequently posted.

  • Is there a monthly or quarterly fee associated with owning a slip? If so, what are the charges?

A:    Yes. A fixed Marina Association fee of $476.00 is assessed on a quarterly basis for each of our 142 privately owned slips. In addition, electrical power usage for each slip is recorded monthly and assessed quarterly.

  • If I own and/or lease a condominium at Harbour Village, can I lease a boat slip?

A:    Yes. Eligibility for boat slip ownership or leasing is reserved exclusively for Harbour Village residents (owners and long-term renters).

  • What hours is the Harbourmaster’s office open and where is it located?

A:    The Harbourmaster’s office is open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and is located at 4621 River’s Edge Village Lane, #D, situated at the northeast corner of the marina near building 600 and adjacent to the workout room and the pool deck.